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Peter and his son James

Peter and his son James

In these challenging times, all companies are looking for new places to cut costs and save on cash flow. One of the biggest challenges faced by every business is how to be fiscally responsible while still having the skilled people you need helping you grow your business. E-mail servers are large investments and the cost of keeping one up and running can be a big cash drain. Transitioning to hosted e-mail can be a responsible move for your company.

Everyone is looking at cutting costs right now and one of the ways that those costs can be cut where your company will benefit is through the use of MxToolBox e-mail hosting service. MxToolBox offers the world class Zimbra service that allows you to access your e-mail from any computer or smart phone. Our service will protect you from spam, keep you secure and you won’t have to worry about having your own server.

You can save money and grow during this tough time with a skilled staff at your fingertips. When you use the e-mail service from MxToolBox you not only get the most secure and best e-mail service available, you also get a team of experts who are available 24 hours a day to help with any challenges you encounter. Our technical team is not only the best in the field; they want to talk to you.

In the first in a series, we would like you to get to know our staff better. We know that we hire the best in the business, people who are technically savvy as well as outgoing and customer oriented. We want you to know them too.

Peter LeBlond is the Product Development Engineer for MxToolBox. Peter has a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Tech where he focused on Human Computer Interaction with a focus on Networking. Peter has over seven years of experience and he is one of the lucky few of us who uses his degree every day.

Like the rest of our team, Peter, is a key asset to MxToolBox and our customers. We hire people with the best skills so that we can offer the best service to our customers. Peter’s expertise in Human Computer Interaction means that he has the skills to make your experience at MxToolBox as good as it gets. Peter is skilled at making the computer your friend and making your interaction with our software seamless and comfortable.

Peter is a computer specialist at his core, and even when he is home Peter can be found working on his computer and investigating new software development.

Peter loves the ability to use his expertise at MxToolBox, but he also loves to solve problems and interact with customers. That means that when Peter gets a call about a challenge that a customer is having you know it is making his day to address that challenge and solve any difficulties that may have arisen. He truly wants our customers to be happy and when he can solve a problem and make someone’s day…well that’s his calling card.

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