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When you use email services from MxToolBox, you get the piece of mind of knowing that your email is protected from spam attacks by our team of technology experts. We use the best anti-spam tools available to keep your email and computer safe.

However, sometimes a loophole can be created that lets spam through. These loopholes can be a big problem.  Fortunately, MxToolBox can help you remove one of the biggest loopholes: the exploitation of the whitelist.

As many people have experienced, sometimes you will receive email from a spammer who uses a familiar email address to get you to open their message. Spammers know that people are expecting mail from places like Sears and JC Penny and the spammer will use people?s trust to get to them using false addresses. This is called spoofing and can cause you all sorts of headaches.

The spam protection you get with MxToolBox will stop this spam from reaching your computer so that you only get legitimate email from these companies. They have the use of a variety of anti-spam technologies that is able to recognize a message from a legitimate company and one that is from a spam site.

However, one of the loopholes spammers can use is created when a personal whitelist is used by the computer user. Many email programs will allow the user to whitelist an email address or a domain name which allows all the email that has been whitelisted to get straight through to the computer. This can open the door to the Whitelist Exploit.

When an email address or a domain name is whitelisted, which means that ANY message from that email address or that domain name goes to the computer and not through a spam filter safety net. Because of this, spammers will use domain names of popular stores figuring that some of the people will have whitelisted these domains and their spam will get through.

Another popular spamming technique is for the spammer to send an email to a user using their own personal email address. Because a person with the right skills can change their outgoing email address to anything they want, spammers can create a computer program that will send messages to any name imaginable at every email server imaginable and they will be successful every time someone has whitelisted their own email address.

An email program?s spam filter will not catch this because to whitelist something means that it gets a free pass to your computer. The spam filter is not active for a whitelisted address.

So what should you do? The first step to stopping spam as effectively as possible is to call the team of experts at MxToolBox to get information about safely using the whitelist feature. Most people don?t even need to use this feature and will still receive email that is sent from reputable locations. And if you are having difficulty getting email from a certain location the team at MxToolBox is again happy to help solve the problem so that you get the email you need and none of the spam you don?t.

That is one of the main reasons that using email solutions from MxToolBox is so successful for so many people. You can be secure in the knowledge that your email is being handled by people who have the expertise and skill to protect you from spam.

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