FlexBox Mail Software, Zimbra, Wins eWEEK Excellence Award for Enterprise Collaboration

Zimbra recently won the eWEEK Excellence Award for Enterprise Collaboration for it’s next generation messaging and collaboration suite. MxToolBox is excited about this award because Zimbra is the collaboration component that helps to power our FlexBox Managed Email Service. We chose Zimbra as our collaboration software because it is an innovative groupware system that scales up without degraded performance, and it plays well with our dedication to innovation and superior performance. Of course, we have combined Zimbra with our best-in-class security solution, our “we cross the line” service philosophy, and several sprinkles of the secret sauce to provide a hassle free, reliable, secure, high performance managed email service like no other.

FlexBox Managed EMail is a full exchange replacement with shared/synchronized contacts, calendars, email and mobile devices.The system synchronizes with Outlook, so your users don’t have to learn a whole new bag of tricks. It also has a few added features that exchange doesn’t (wikis, for example)…oh, and the web client is like a dream (think of the best of Outlook, combined with the best of Gmail).

Speaking of FlexBox, stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead for some upcoming announcements that promise to be as exciting as they will be groundbreaking.  

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