MxToolBox Offers Free Email Archiving with New Email Hosting Accounts for National Small Business Month

In celebration of National Small Business Month, MxToolBox, Inc. is offering free Email Archiving for new accounts with its FlexBox Business Email Hosting service throughout the month of May. Small Businesses that take advantage of the offer essentially will have free email archiving imbedded with a premium email hosting service for life.

?Small Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned with storing and accessing electronic business communications,? said CEO Eric Rachal. ?Recent developments, such as the new Federal eDiscovery Rule and NASD Small Business Continuity Plan Requirements, are driving small business managers to consider the implications of electronic discovery requirements. Preserving the vast amount of business information that is contained within email has also become a major concern? Rachal added, ?But, until now, email archiving has been both technologically and cost prohibitive to most small businesses.?

The imbedded email archiving feature within the FlexBox Hosted Email and Groupware package is ideal for small businesses, because it eliminates the need for multiple vendors and platforms, while ensuring that all company emails are preserved and easily retrieved/reproduced for as long as company policy requires. The email archiving feature saves all sent and received emails withint a given account. Even when a user deltes a message from their mailbox, the message remains in the archiving box. All emails and files are indexed for rapid retreival.

The FlexBox Hosted Email and Groupware service is an ultra-secure, ultra-reliable email hosting system designed to give small businesses all of the features that they would get if they had a professionally managed, dedicated email server in-house, without the excessive cost and administrative burden.

?Small Businesses absolutely need the same level of sophistication and functionality from their email systems as large enterprises,? continued Rachal, ?It usually just doesn?t make financial sense for them to manage those systems themselves. That?s why we created FlexBox?to give small businesses the security, reliability, flexibility, service and collaborative features that they need, at a price that makes sense.?

FlexBox Hosted Email is based on the Hosted Zimbra mail platform and includes shared synchronized calendars, shared synchronized contacts, shared documents, enterprise grade spam and virus filtering, blacklist protection, one gigabyte of storage per user, and more. The system is designed to work with multiple operating systems, including Windows and Mac, plugs into most desktop mail clients, such as Outlook and Apple Mail, and has an intuitive, powerful AJAX web interface. As an additional bonus, customers can opt to add full synchronization of mobile devices.

When discussing the system?s features, Joel Harvey, MxToolBox?s Director of Marketing chimed in, ?These features mean less to small businesses than the results they lead to. At the end of the day, FlexBox lets business managers rest easy. They know that their email is going to work. Messages will be delivered when and where they are supposed to be. Inboxes will not be flooded with spam. Dangerous viruses will be kept off of the network. Blacklists will not be a problem. Additional service needs, such as mobile device synchronization and archiving, can be easily added. Support for PC and Mac users is equally simple. And employees will be happier and far more productive.?

To take advantage of the Email Archiving offer, businesses should contact the company at 866-MxToolBox (866-698-6652) or on the web at

About MxToolBox, Inc.
MxToolBox, Inc. offers innovative on-demand messaging infrastructure to the small and medium business market throughout North America. The company provides leading edge ?Flip the Switch? on demand messaging services, including email spam and virus filtering, blacklist protection, email hosting, and email archiving.

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