eTools Group, Inc. Changes Name to MxToolBox, Inc.

AUSTIN – April 23, 2006 – eTools Group, Inc announced today that it will immediately begin operating under the name MxToolBox, Inc. MxToolBox will continue to serve the small and medium business customers and IT Consultants that currently subscribe to the company’s spam and virus filtering and email hosting services.

“We are re-branding because the IT community that uses our tools and services knows us as MxToolBox. We are changing our name to make it easier for people to do business with us and to eliminate any confusion that comes from operating under two names,” says CEO Eric Rachal. “For some customers, our name has changed, but our intense customer service ethic and our unwavering commitment to providing value absolutely has not.”

Company officials were careful to emphasize that eTools Group, Inc. was not bought by another company and is run by the same people and the same technology that its customers have come to know and rely on.  The company will be calling customers and sending letters with invoices to make sure customers understand the change. “The only discernable change that our eTools Group customers will see,” said Rachal, ” is the logo on their invoices will change from the eTools logo to the MxToolBox logo.” is a popular website among IT professionals across the globe. The website has free tools that help users uncover, diagnose and fix messaging related problems. In an era when more and more companies are trying to charge users for access to content and tools, MxToolBox, Inc. is adamant about keeping its free tools separate from its paid services.

The company offers a suite of tools that allow users to test the health of their email systems and to diagnose email related problems. The tools include MX Records Lookup, Server Diagnostics, Blacklist Lookup, SPF Records Lookup, and Free Mail Server Monitoring.   

“We believe in providing value to the IT and business communities, whether to a client or someone at-large,” says Joel Harvey, Director of Marketing. “The free tools, or MX Widgets, are our way of doing that. Yes, we have paid services that thousands of IT professionals use to solve problems and keep them from reoccurring. Yes, we could charge for our widgets as well. But, in the end that would dilute the value that we provide, which is the last thing we want to do.”

eTools Group, Inc Announces Name Change to MxToolBox, Inc.


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