Typical hot, summer, blacklist weather pattern continues

SORBS blacklist entries are rising slightly, but today we’ve noticed more entries listing “exploitable server” and fewer listing “dynamic IP address”. Also, there has been a minor influx of “open proxy” listings on other RBLs, such as DSBL, NJABL, PSBL and Spamhaus-SBL.

Regarding the Non Delivery Reports (NDRs) from ISPs that have targeted non-spamming companies in their nets along with the spammers, they have shifted away from hosts such as Verizon, Yahoo, SBC and Hotmail in the past few days…and appear to be coming more from Comcast, BellSouth and AOL users.

Meanwhile, the FIVETEN family blacklist listings are nominally higher than they were over the weekend, while the reverse DNS issues are also on the decline.

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