Monthly Archives: May 2007

Update: Bots Inside Fortune 1000 Companies

We first reported on bots inside Fortune 1000 companies in late March. Since then, the Support Intellegence Project has identified more large corporations with botnet infections. The list has grown to include AIG, AFLAC, Bank of America, Conseco, Thomsen Finacial and 3M. Most of the companies ideitifeid have repordtedly found anf removed the bot infections. They also claim that no data has been compromised. But, how can they be sure?

If a bot can infect and send spam from a network, what is to stop it from logging keystrokes or stealing corporate data? 


House Judiciary Subcommittee Approves Anti-Spyware Bill

The House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security approved house bill HR 1525 by voice vote. The bill will now go before Congress for a vote. If voted into law, HR 1525 will make it a crime to install software to alter security settings, damage a computer or commit fraud. Violaters could face fines and/or prisson sentences of two to five years, depending on the offense.

$1 Billion Lawsuit Filed Against Spammers

On April 26, 2007, Project Honey Pot filed a $1 Billion Dollar Plus lawsuit against spammers in a court in the Eastern District of Virginia. The suit seeks damages on behalf of its members and targets a “large swath” of known spammers and email address harvesters, and is the biggest anti-spam lawsuit ever filed. There is an unspecified number of John Doe defendants represented by more than 2.5 million IP Addresses. You can read a copy of the complaint here.