Recent Yahoo DMARC Reporting Issues

Over the weekend, Yahoo! experienced issues with DMARC reporting to email senders.  DMARC processing reports appeared garbled which rendered the reports unusable.   What is a DMARC Report? DMARC reports are critical to understanding email delivery.  They contain XML descriptions of email delivery results sent by Inbox Providers to email senders and DMARC reporting tools.  A […]

Do you know what you don’t know about your email?

As a marketer, I typically know if a prospect opens my email, clicks on a link or buys a product.  All 3rd party email marketing tools provide this information.  But, what happened before the Open?   Did the email make it to the Inbox?   Did it get delivered to the Spam or Junk folder? Does my […]

The Flavors of Successfully Delivered Email

Email delivery is a complicated thing. There are multiple layers of technology protecting an inbox at modern inbox providers like Google, Yahoo! and For example: Blacklists are used to identify IP addresses that have spammed or otherwise should not be trusted SPF identifies legitimate sending IP addresses for a domain DKIM allows a domain […]

Apple to Support BIMI in Native Mail Applications

Apple Mail recently announced BIMI adoption within its email applications in iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura. In September. Apple will become the most recent email client to support BIMI. Why adopt BIMI? BIMI gives email recipients more confidence in messages they receive and helps them avoid fraudulent emails by forcing senders to utilize new technologies […]

Super Bowl LVI and Email Security

Super Bowl LVI in California is almost upon us, and for millions of NFL fans around the world, it’s the most exciting time of the year. Unfortunately, it’s also a great opportunity for online and offline fraud. Every year, there is a new announcement of a ticket scam or a fraudulent merchandise. While Email Security […]

Is BIMI Dead?

When Google, Yahoo and Apple announced their email applications would support BIMI, it appeared that BIMI was ready to become an important standard in email marketing. Think about it: Your precious logo directly attached to every email you send, right there in the subject line. You get instant brand recognition and, thanks to the DMARC […]