Maintenance Scheduled for 13 August 2022 will be offline for scheduled maintenance and infrastructure migration on 13 August 2022 between 10AM and 1PM Central Time.

How does this affect you?

All systems for MxToolbox will be offline for the duration of the maintenance. This includes:

  • and the SuperTool will be inaccessible.
  • Delivery Center – All data will be retained and new data will be updated after the maintenance is complete, however, no access to Delivery Center reporting will be possible during the maintenance window. This will in no way impact your email delivery.
  • Blacklist and other DNS Monitoring – Monitors and alerts will not function during maintenance. There will be a corresponding gap in Monitoring history.
  • Mailflow Monitoring – During the migration outbound pings will no longer be performed, nor returns be processed. Reporting may show anomalous failures or delays due to these gaps.
  • ServiceProvider – Blacklist reporting will be offline.
  • API Services – No lookups will be available during the maintenance window.
  • Access to create Support Tickets will be down during maintenance.

What do you need to do?

If you whitelist MxToolbox IP ranges to enable monitoring or lookups you will need to add new ranges to the allow list:

  1. US-EAST-1A:
  2. US-EAST-1B:
  3. US-EAST-1C:
  4. US-EAST-1D:

How long will MxToolbox be offline?

The duration of the maintenance interval will be three hours. You can monitor status of our maintenance on the MxToolbox StatusIO page.