We would like to address the false positive issue regarding the French blacklist, ( 

During this past weekend they experienced a DNS issue, that caused a massive amount of IP Addresses to be listed by them.  This is common behavior when a blacklist goes offline.  We joking refer to it as “blacklisting the world”.

We monitored the situation, and decided after a period of time to disable that list from our tool set.  Their website currently shows that they have resolved their issues, and are back online.  With that being said, we have yet to re-enable that list within our system, and are continuing to monitor their functionality and discussing when or if we will re-enable them.

If there are specific RBLs you would like to suppress such as MegaRBL, you could do so through our Paid Monitoring feature “Ignored Problems”. Paid Monitoring customers have the ability to add specific diagnostic checks to their “Ignored Problems” list. This also includes specific blacklists. When a check is added to this list we will no longer send notifications regarding the specific check. The “Ignored Problems” feature is accessible in the “Settings” section of your Monitoring account.  Simply click on the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the site (next to your user-name). You will see the “Ignored Problems” tab there. For more information on Paid Monitoring options, check out our comparison matrix.