Ping Tool Reporting Wrong IP

This morning we released our April Newsletter and let everyone know about one of our favorite tools. Unfortunately for about 30 minutes if you sent an email to it was not returning the correct Outbound IP. This has been corrected and we apologize for any problems this may have caused.

UPDATE: This issue was resolved approximately 20 minutes after it was reported. Thank you to all of the users that quickly let us know we had an issue!

2 thoughts on “Ping Tool Reporting Wrong IP

  1. Current

    i was just added to two blacklists i was taken off the other day. Also my ip adress needs to be changed how can i go about this to better my blacklist watch???

  2. Chad James

    Sorry about the issues… were you experiencing any mail delivery problems?? If so, as you may or may not know, MxToolBox does not actually run a blacklist or have any affiliation with blacklist providers. You can contact many blacklist operators directly by following the link provided in the “details” section of our blacklist report, or via the blacklist name. Each blacklist has different delisting criteria and protocols…

    I want to provide you with a link to a very handy article on our MxToolBox Blog – What Blacklists Are and How MxToolBox Helps! ( The article will explain a lot about blacklists and the recurring problems they cause and how our services eliminate the problems.

    If you continue to experience delivery problems or are unable to request delisting, please contact me directly and we can discuss the specific details of the issues. Thank you!

    Best Regards,
    Chad James
    Account Manager
    Toll-Free: 866-698-6652, ext.116


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