MxToolBox provides email blacklist lookups and mail server monitoring as a free service to the public.  We do not endorse any of these blacklists or even recommend them as reliable information to block spam and viruses in inbound emails.


However, many email administrators do choose to use these lists to block emails.  We make as many lists as possible available on our lookup tool to provide as much information as possible to those that are listed and, subsequently, rejected. 


We leave the interpretation of the results up to the professional opinion of the user.  


DNSBL Info is an “experimental list”. Nonetheless, the list that may be used erroneously by email administrators to reject emails. Theoretically, some email might be rejected by some servers because of this blacklist, and that is what our tool is intended to help diagnose.  Not all servers specify the reason that an email was rejected, so not all bounce messages may be useful in pointing to the source of the problem.  


If you received a notice from our free monitoring tool that your IP address is listed on DNSBLINFO, it is probably safe to assume that the listing is innocuous and no emails are being rejected.

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