BLARS Removed From MX Toolbox Blacklist Lookup Tool announced that it has removed the BLARS Blacklist from its Blacklist lookup tool.

[ClickPress, Wed Dec 20 2006] MX Toolbox announced today that it has removed the BLARS Blacklist from its popular Blacklists Lookup tool. The company stated that they removed BLARS as part of on-going quality assurance efforts. The BLARS website has been taken down and there is no available contact information.

According to company representative, the BLARS Blacklist is a notoriously unreliable list for blocking spam, because it practices net blocking, where large ranges of IP addresses are blacklisted. The list?s aggressive net blocking practices have historically led to very high numbers of false positives.

Company representatives stressed that removing BLARS from the blacklist results will not diminish the quality of the lookup tool at all. Instead, it will ensure that the lookup results are as meaningful and accurate as possible, and that users are not inadvertently startled to find their mail server address on a blacklist when there is no reason for concern.


About MX Toolbox
MX Toolbox offers on-demand messaging infrastructure to the small and medium business market throughout North America. The company provides leading edge ?Flip the Switch? on demand services, including email spam and virus filtering, blacklist protection, hosted groupware and email, remote data backup, email encryption, email archiving, IM Filtering, IM Archiving, and Web Content and Virus Filtering.

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