Logic BombGets USB Paine Webber Hacker Eight Years In Prison

Disgruntled former USB Paine Webber Employee Roger Duronio was sentenced to eight years in prison for planting a Logic Bomb on the company’s network. The hacker bought $23,000 of put options before the logic bomb began deleting files in the hope that the company stock would go down and he would profit. The stock remained stable despite the attack, Duronio lost his 23 Grand, got caught and will now serve eight years in Federal prison. Fair enough.

 The case has opened a debate surrounding background checks for IT employees in sensitive positions and/or industries. Duronio had a criminal record for assualt and burglary dating back to the 1960s (with charges in the 70s and 80s as well).  Hiring managers may have to rethink how they screen candidates for sensitive IT positions.

For information on Logic Bombs, what they do and how they work, go here.  


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